The Princess Bride Movie Experience

Redwood Theatre, 1300 Gerrard St E, Toronto, ON Canada

The Movie Experience, brought to you by The Secret Sessions, is a one of a kind experience that fuses live theatre and cinema together to truly bring films to life right before your eyes.

Good people of Toronto, let us transport you to the country of Florin to bare witness to a royal wedding the likes of which the city has never seen before. The Princess Bride - The Movie Experience is a fantastical adventure you don't want to miss.

While this is a participatory event, you are not expected to act, but you will have the opportunity to interact with characters around you. In addition, you are expected to dress the part! Grab your tiaras, swords (fake ones only, please!), and masks to prepare for revenge, love, and miracles. More detailed instructions about the dress code will be sent to you upon purchase of your ticket.

You don’t need to watch the film prior to attending, but if it is one of your favourites, we can guarantee that you have never seen it like this before. Your ticket includes a live theatre performance complimented by a screening of the movie, plus other forms of live entertainment. Drinks and delicious food inspired by the movie will be available for purchase.

Note this event is intended for an adult audience with the exception of the matinee on June 2nd which will be family-friendly, and all ticket purchases are non-refundable. Learn more about The Secret Sessions and check out our past events at